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Workshops are delivered remotely and come with exercises and resources, tailored to the target audience. 


No Is A Full Sentence

How to stop saying Yes when you want to say No

A workshop about boundaries, defining your own, and voicing them. For self-identified people pleasers who want to start saying no.

Find Your Fire

Rediscovering your passion

A workshop that helps spark some curiosity, fosters creativity, surfaces strengths. For people recovering from burnout or frustrated jobseekers looking for

a fresh approach.

Image by Brett Jordan
Image by Pedro Sanz


Finding a road through discomfort

A workshop on enduring emotional discomfort and gradually building confidence by taking small communicative risks and reflecting on them.

For everyone.

Active Listening

Not just a skill for coaches

A workshop for everyone who wants to stop worrying about what others think about them and develop genuine curiosity about the people they interact with instead.

Image by Mohammad Metri

Get in touch

I run workshops every couple of months. If you would like to be notified of upcoming events, you can sign up to my e-mail list here. If you are interested in a tailored workshop, I invite you to book an intro with me via the button below.

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