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Image by Kai Richter

What if...

… you could approach others with curiosity instead of apprehension?


… you could take the evening off without feeling guilty?


… you could say no to requests without coming across as unkind?


… you could do the things you’re scared of?


… your inner critic wasn’t quite as loud and intrusive all the time?


… you could be YOU?

One-off - £50

One session of up to 60 minutes.

You tell me about your situation. We think it through and explore options. You leave with a plan of action, which might or might not include further coaching.

5-Pack - £200

Five sessions of up to 60 minutes each.

You use them as thinking space and let me know what you need in terms of support and accountability. You leave having navigated the challenge at hand. If you don't need all five sessions, I'll hold the spare session(s) for you indefinitely. 

Taking Stock - £75

One session of up to 90 minutes.

We take stock of your life and identify where things might be out of balance or misaligned. You leave knowing your values and to what extent you're living them.

Draw The Line - £250

Six sessions of up to 60 minutes each.

You get structure and a workbook. Designed for exhausted people pleasers who want to set and maintain healthy boundaries. You leave knowing what you want and how to communicate this firmly but kindly. Find out more about the content here.

What Others Say

Image by Devin Wright

Day B.

"Having spent the last few months unsure of where I was going or what my next step should be, I spent an hour being coached with Steph and discovered I made more progress in moving forwards in that one hour than I had over the last two months on my own.

The benefit of coaching is clear - ‘unsticking yourself’ in order to move forwards. This is something Steph is incredibly good at getting you to do. She says little but what she does say is incredibly insightful and is designed to really make you think.  

Steph is a great listener…but not like your friends. Your friends listen then just chat or tell you their opinion. It saves you thinking. Steph listens to not only what you say but what you don’t say. She notices and then challenges you, (in a supportive way), and more than once, stopped me in my tracks and force me to think outside the box.

I would recommend Steph in a heartbeat."

Get in touch

Whether you are ready to make some changes in your life and just don't know where to start or beginning to get curious about what life could be like if you did not let fear stop you all the time, let's talk.

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