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Change is scary.
But what keeps you safe
keeps you stuck.


I see you...

... saying yes to a social thing because you don’t know how to say no and then resenting yourself for accepting and the organiser for asking you, maybe even feigning to be ill on the day, or genuinely sick to your stomach while picking the outfit that will most likely blend in with the corner you're about to hide in.

... taking on too many things and burning yourself out - because it's better than being perceived as flaky. Because you've committed. Chances are you even offered to do all the things in the first place or jumped at a mere hint from a colleague or friend. And let's not get started on your family obligations.


... checking your email while out and about, on the couch with your significant other, in the small hours when you can't sleep, before you get out of bed in the morning, when you emerge from the shower or a trip to the loo. [You might have checked while on the loo, but I definitely did not see THAT!]

... not wanting to impose on people or voice a concern. If you create a problem, you kind of own the problem. And that's just one more thing you don't need on your plate. Just like that side of fries instead of the salad you ordered - but if you make a fuss now, the whole lunch schedule will be derailed.

What if...

… you could approach others with curiosity instead of apprehension?


… you could take the evening off without feeling guilty?


… you could say no to requests without coming across as unkind?


… you could do the things you’re scared of?


… your inner critic wasn’t quite as loud and intrusive all the time?


… you could be YOU?

Image by Camille Minouflet

Have you considered coaching?

To me, coaching is like a walk on the beach. It clears the cobwebs, fills you with serenity, helps you think. The next day, muscles you never knew you had make themselves known and you realise how hard you've worked.


In our sessions, you'll find the space to think deeply and verbalise your thoughts. You'll really think. I'll really listen. The next day, your previous thoughts and beliefs might not be so comfortable any more.

Get in touch

Whether you are ready to make some changes in your life and just don't know where to start or beginning to get curious about what life could be like if you did not let fear stop you all the time, let's talk.

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